Erreur No 76

Erreur No 76

Menu : Parameters > General parameters > Folders (GESADS)

Context : You are creating or importing a new folder

Action 1 : When you hit once the validation button of the folder

Error 1 :

Error No 76

[Microsoft][SQL Server Native Client 11.0][SQL Server]Login failed for user …

Action 2 : You try to validate a second time and the error message has changed

Error 2 : The version number of the folder is incorrect

What happened?

When you create a folder, Sage X3 is also creating all the database elements (User, Table, Schema etc …)

When you click on validate a creation SQL script is generated containing all the credential information.

Sometimes this credential are not set or erased in the console, so the creation script will be affected.

Due to missing password in the file the script cannot execute properly and Sage cannot finish the database creation.

Because installation halted, polluted information remains in the installation directory and locks the process.

So when you click the validation button a second time, Sage thinks he has finished the previous validation but can’t find any database data and this leads to the second error.

It is very confusing because the error message evolves, without any clue on the hidden problem.

How to correct?

1/ Clean Sage X3 Installation folder

This step is important if you want to keep same folder name and this one is already corrupted

You can use this .bat script or do it manually

@echo off

@RD /S /Q « [INSTALLATION]\Dossiers\[FOLDER] »


2/ Correct the master password in Sage X3 Console

Normally the default password is “tiger” but sometimes it is changed for security reason.

Make sure to use the same password.

3/ Try to re-create your folder

Finally try to recreate your folder and it should work.