How to use Eclipse debug and Sage X3 ?

How to use Eclipse debug and Sage X3 ?


Warning : Network knowledge is necessary in order to configure correctly your environement

The recent trend with cloud has several side effect as many Sage X3 developers encounter issues in order to connect their Eclipse and Sage X3 in debug mode.

This issues are in fact mainly linked to network complexity, if your are fed up with infbox here is the solution

Before : Eclipse and Sage X3 were in the same network and both software were able to communicate together.

Now : with cloud computing, you have two different network and even with a VPN sometimes the firewall does not allow you to reach the debug port.


1)    Solve Sage X3 and Eclipse network issues


Make sure both firewall have rules in order to allow communication
threw TCP port 10000

Check with your technical team what IP/Network you are
supposed to use on your computer in order to reach Sage X3 server

You can easily test this part with the following command :
Telnet [IP] [port]


2)    Sage X3 debug setup


You can setup the debuger at different level in the
solution :

  • Folder
  • Legislation
  • User

We advise you to make this setup on User level in order to
avoid disfunction for you collegues.

Parameters > Users > Users > [LOGIN] > Paramter
definitions > Module Supervisor > Group DEV

You need to setup in Sage X3 the IP of your computer able to
reach the Sage X3 server.

This IP must be the one on the same network as Sage X3 Cloud

For example it could be the IP provided by your VPN or DHCP
if you work localy with the Sage X3 Server

If you have any doubt, please ask your system administrator
to help you.


3)    Eclipse configuration


If your configuration is made correctly on Sage X3 parameter
definitions side, Eclipse will automaticaly retreive this informations for you

You can check this part by clicking on this icon.

If configuration is not correct and does not fit with your
actual IP (most of the time dynamic) you can change this value manually in
Eclipse or Sage X3 as you wish.

4)    Link your Eclipse with Sage X3


Press the session icon in order to find the web session that
you will use for debug and then click on attach button

5)    Sage X3 and Eclipse debug


Navigate on Sage X3 and Eclipse will automatically open the
debug perspective

You will have to switch between actions in Sage X3 and
Eclipse in order to go forward in your function