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How to use Eclipse debug and Sage X3 ?

  Warning : Network knowledge is necessary in order to configure correctly your environement The recent trend with cloud has several side effect as many Sage X3 developers encounter issues in order to connect their Eclipse and Sage X3 in debug mode. This issues are in fact mainly linked to network complexity, if your are fed…
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How to connect an external database in Sage Enterprise Intelligence with an identifier containing a dot ?

Sometimes your database contains a dot in the identifier name. This is allowed by SQL server : « When identifiers are used in Transact-SQL statements, the identifiers that do not comply with these rules must be delimited by double quotation marks or brackets. »   When you use SQL query you can call this database like that : [external.db] or…
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How to use ATEXTRA

What is ATEXTRA ? ATEXTRA table exist since Adonix (1997) to store a part of translated text of the application. The weak point of this method is the size limitation, specificaly the maximum lenght of the boxes. It is not possible to store more than 80 characters for a box within this method. You can…
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